Specimen Fish Record Form
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To record a specimen fish & receive a DDAS specimen fish pin badge, download and complete the specimen fish record form below.  Completed forms can be sent by post to the membership secretary or scanned & emailed to: specimen@d-das.com


1.             All entries must be caught on society waters by fair means and the catch ratified in one of the following ways:

By one club member, or:

                                If no club member present, by 1 independent witness, or;

                                If caught in a recognised match, verified by a match steward.

2.             If not weighed in a match, the scales may be required to be verified against the DDAS scales.

3.             The specimen/record fish will be eligible if caught on:

  1.       A society controlled water (river or lake)
  2.       A society shared water (ie: Exchange book water, commercial water that the       society has access to).

4.             The Specimen weights will be published in the society membership book.

5.             Completed specimen fish entry forms should be sent to the society membership secretary, scanned and   emailed to specimen@d-das.com  or left at the bar in the Weymouth Angling Society HQ, Commercial Rd,   Weymouth.  Copies are also available for download on the DDAS website.

6.             All entries received which achieve 100% of qualifying weight will receive a specimen fish lapel pin badge.

7.             The overall best specimen, caught on society waters will receive the Specimen Cup.  This Trophy is open to all  species and will be compared as a percentage of Specimen weight.

8.             The Specimen season will run for 12 months from the 1st June to 31st May.

9.             Any Species caught that is not on the list may be entered and will be judged as a % of the British record.

10.          The awards will be presented at the AGM / Presentation evening each year.

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