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Who are DDAS Juniors?

We are a group of volunteer club members, led by a qualified coach, who freely give our time to teach young people about all aspects of coarse fishing on lakes and rivers, in a safe and secure environment. All coaches and helpers have been DBS checked.


What do we do?

Using a structured training program that recognises our juniors achievements as they progress and improve, Juniors will learn how to catch fish using a wide variety of techniques.

They will learn how to identify the various species of coarse fish that they will encounter and learn how to care for the environment that surrounds them.

They will be shown the importance of being an ambassador for our sport and how to set an example to other anglers to do the same.

They will receive a copy of a booklet written by the clubs Junior Secretary, a link to which can also be found at the bottom of this page. The booklet contains advice on everything from what tackle to purchase, to fish identification.

To measure how individuals are progressing, we host regular, friendly competitive events. Juniors will fish against others in their own age group to win medals and points towards a championship at the end of the year. Trophies can be won for those that excel or show the greatest improvements at the end of the club year.

Lessons will be given on casting. Held away from any water, the casting sessions help our juniors to efficiently reach the fish they want to catch and quickly become more competent anglers.

During the colder winter months, there will be some evening classes to learn about setting up equipment and preparing bait etc.


How do I join in?

We offer a free 'Taster Session' to start with. For young people with no experience or equipment, a free, 30 minute session using an experienced anglers equipment can be booked through the Junior Secretary.

If a junior enjoys the experience and wants to learn more, then you will be asked to purchase a club membership (See membership page). Club membership is required for the coaching events, classes and matches.

Information of events, as well as educational links to YouTube and other external sites for fishing tips and hints, can be found on our DDAS Juniors Facebook page. A DDAS Juniors Facebook group is also available to join where the notifications can be shared. We have our own DDAS Juniors YouTube channel for tips on knots and other helpful tutorials.

If you want to attend a session, you will be asked to do so via the Facebook event post. You can reserve a space via the blue 'Reserve a Space' button. This is vital if the event has limited places available.


How much are the coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions and matches are priced at £5.00 per junior. If an event or match is on a non club affiliated water (Todber Manor, Viaduct, Whitemoor, Mangerton), a pegging fee may be required. This will be additional to the event fee.


Tackle Re-generation Library

Obviously you will need some fishing tackle and, from experience, this can vary in usefulness. We can offer to lend new starters some donated tackle items from our Tackle Re-generation Library. Tackle items of all kinds can be signed out and borrowed until they are replaced with a juniors own tackle. The items are then returned and passed on to the next needy, would-be angler. We do ask that the items loaned are looked after properly and returned when the junior progresses to being a senior member. Items available will depend on the kindness of other anglers.



Do I need to be a member of the club?

Yes. Taster sessions are free but you will be asked to sign a free 30 minute membership form. Membership is required for all other events for insurance purposes.


Can I just turn up to a coaching session?

No. You will need to book a place using the Event Post on Facebook. Some of the venues are very small and there will be limited places available. It's first come, first serves on those events. Reserve a space will ensure that you have a place booked on any events.


Can I leave my child with you and pick them up later?

If a junior is 10 or under, then an adult is required to stay with them for the duration of the event. We ask that a parents stay with their son or daughter to help share in the experience. Knowledge gained by parents will help their budding angler to fish more efficiently and independently in the future.


Do you provide bait?

No. Advice will be given via the Facebook page and group prior to the event to help you choose the right bait and tackle.


If you require any further information on the DDAS Juniors or you would like to donate tackle to our library, then please contact Graham Howard (Junior Secretary) Via DDAS Junior page on Facebook or Messenger, Via email to junior.sec@d-das.com or by mobile/text to 07368213313.

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