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DDAS have an Exchange Book system with other Angling Clubs in Dorset &

These are: 
Sturminster & Hinton Angling Association –
Ilminster Angling Association –
Blandford & District Angling Club -
Frome & District Angling Association -
Gillingham & District Angling Association -

Glaston Manor Angling Association -

Exchange Books can be ordered via the Clubmate System/App directly or via the DDAS Website:  They can then be digitally signed out for a maximum 1 day.  Proof of this booking is confirmed on your phone & can be used to show bailiffs of the water you are visiting.

They can also be ordered manually via the Membership Sec’ for those who don’t / can’t use Clubmate. Email: for details. These are available for up to 7 days if required (including return postal time). They can be collected/returned by hand after making arrangements with the Membership Sec’.
NOTE: You will be required to surrender your DDAS membership card for the duration.

Failure to return the Exchange Book without due reason within the specified time, may result in that member being disqualified from use of this facility for the remainder of the DDAS year.



DDAS members are permitted to take a guest (or 2) to the majority of our waters.

Guest tickets are now obtainable via CLUBMATE: 

The cost for an 'all ages' guest for 1 day is £8 (for the 2024/25 club year).

Alternatively...they can purchased by Paypal at a cost of £10. For details of this, email: .  An 'e-ticket' will then be emailed to you.

The waters on our books that also run a day ticket system themselves expect you to obtain a ticket from them, not us.

Thank you.


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