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4 December 2014

Could i say to members that we have had some enlargements and depth increase work done on one end 'Main Lake' during the last couple of weeks and one area is marked out of bounds by signs.

This is not just for our good, there is a good reason for these signs as this area is not safe for a few weeks until the mud settles. I have just had to rescue an elderly DDAS member who will remain unnamed who was found upto his thighs stuck in the mud because he thought it would be easier then walking the long way round. Nearly a job for the fire/rescue people. A good reminder that on all club water although signs might not make sense sometimes they are there for a reason!!!!. Anyway look forward to seeing many faces for this weekends   annual Xmas match. I see we have brought on the frosts in proper DDAS xmas match style!!!!. 

Thank You,

Jason (Revels)

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