Algal bloom treatment @ Luckfield carried out
23 May 2014

The treatment of the annual algal bloom that occurs at Luckfield Lake has been carried out.
This year, instead of placing bales of Barley Straw around the lake we used a Barley Straw liquid extract that came in a 25 ltr drum.
We were advised that the easiest way to spray the lake was to use 'Super Soaker' water pistols...guess what..they worked a treat!
We did have the use of young Tom Foyles Kayak as well to spray the middle of the lake (a bit too far for the soakers to reach).
Special thanks to our chairman Mark Sims & his 2 sons Ollie & Jack who helped spray around the edges...without soaking each other as well (now that's a surprise!!)....they didn't go home dry though...Ooops!!

We are expecting the treatment to start to work within 5 to 10 days & then it 'should' keep the lake clear for up to 18 weeks, this should see us through for this year..fingers crossed.

A bit of fun was had on completion...see the attached photos.

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