Blue/Green Algae at Luckfield Lake
2 September 2013

The DDAS committee are aware of this 'ongoing' problem & are currently looking into a short & long term solution to the problem. 

It is worse at the moment due to the prolonged warmer weather.  The lake will remain open UFN, but please be aware that we may need close it on a temporary basis in the near future.  Please pass this information on to fellow, non-internet anglers.  Thank you.

UPDATE: A product to help control the Algal problem has been added to the lake water.  This 'good' bacteria should help with this ongoing problem.  It is the first of a few treatments that will need to be carried out over the next few months.  The lake will NOT need to closed, but please be aware that we turn up whilst you are fishing, but should not cause to much distruption.

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