Luckfield - Saturday 1st Feb....job done!
28 January 2014

Thanks guys.
The maintenance & water quality enhancement work at Luckfield Lake on saturday AM this week -went very well.

We introduced 1 ton of microchalk (40 bags) into the lake, evenly spread across the whole lake, this will help breakdown the silt and suspended matter on the bottom of the lake, we are hoping it will also help reduce the annual alge bloom.
The rotting branches on the old oak tree above peg 1 were also removed, the main reason for removal was for H&S reasons, they could have come down into peg 1 at anytime.  They were also used as perches for a couple of vermin, sorry, Cormorants. They gave them the perfect view over the lake...not anymore! Fingers crossed they bugger off somewhere else now.

A big thank you to John Aplin for the loan of his boat and trailer....and a massive thanks to those members who gave up a few hours of their valuable time to help out.
Thank you.


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