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29 November 2013

From Jason Fricker @ Revels Fishery………

I must apologise that no one has heard much from me this summer, I have been so busy behind the scenes all year, i can barely get enough hours out of a week and have not had 2 mins to spare.

 I have had many a remark why the Revels website has not been updated for 6 months and the twitter updates have not been going out.  On top of the usual non-stop work I have also handled all the holiday lets totally by myself this summer, and many days when I have eventually got in and sat down, I’ve been out for the count.   On that note….any one local who knows someone who may be interested in 2-4 hours cleaning work every Saturday from Easter until October 2014 please let me know.

 It’s been a good summer overall and I’m pleased how it has gone.  After the major works we did on the fishery last winter eventually settled down, the fishing has been nothing but consistent and several of our holiday anglers who come year after year remarked this year being the best ever.

 On top of this, the last few weeks have seen several large new stockings of fish here, including;  a large batch of Small Tench, a large batch of Small Chub and assorted several hundred pound of Sutton Bingham Carp.  We have got one more introduction to end our winter stocking program; a batch of double figure Carp due mid Jan.

 We have also just had a very quick visit from the large Digger although we had not planned any major work this winter an opportunity arose out of the blue to have it for a small window and without the large upheaval like last year, we achieved a lot in just 3 days including removing the shelf on the first swims on Main lake that people did not like. We also made a small alteration on the back end of Dead Tree lake on what is fast becoming a favourite couple of swims and a cracking alteration on Trendels including removing another shallow ledge and the creation of a new island as well as increasing the size of this water quite a bit again .

 I know some fisheries in recent years have been giving away free fishing for the Christmas break as a promotion and we feel here if we were to match that then the affliated clubs which pay for their members to have a year’s free fishing with us anyway would be unfairly disadvantaged. So we are going to take this offer and turn it round and take it to a new level to CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.   I am using this email to launch a new offer called ‘ACCESS ALL AREAS’ where only our club members will not only get their free fishing here as always but we are going to increase this as a very special Christmas offer to 3 more waters which are not normally included, and are residents only waters this includes; Trendels, The old Stock pond and the Catfish lake. Some of these water like the Old Stock Pond, most of the members would have never seen, let alone never fished, so basically club members only from Saturday 21st December until Sunday 5th Jan will get ACCESS ALL AREAS at Revels Fishery.

These waters are smaller and the Catfish Lake has limited swims so will be on a first come first served basis and members will have to park in the usual fishery Car Park to access them. Further details from the fishery.

 The Annual DDAS Christmas match is nearly upon us and if there is time a quick reminder of our own fishery annual Christmas match Saturday 7th December if anyone is interested.

 I will again here make a plea like last year to members to remember your local tackle shops again this Christmas season before hitting the internet and please, please support them, we have several good ones in our area and all of us feel the effect of the internet shopping boom and as always I don't think I’m alone in saying even if you have found that internet deal do try any of us before making that payment.

 Another very exciting note for us following on from our successful 25th weekend last year, Maver tackle were so impressed with us, we have been selected as one in only a handful in the country and the only in Dorset to become one of the new ‘Maver tackle shops of Distinction’.  This means a huge dedication on our part to the brand but with their support we will have a huge new range of stock in.  One of our biggest ever stocking of equipment, this will include the full new range of poles in stock at all times right up to the very top of the range as well as 2 new ranges of rods and 2 new seat-boxes….these items WILL NOT be listed on any internet site and only available in the handful of chosen shops not in the usual Maver outlets.

 All that said, we still have lots of exciting plans to come, as and when we can for the future, so it just leaves it to me to wish any members I don't see at the Christmas Matches a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2014.

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