Fish out at Silverlake
4 June 2024

Dear members

Due to the unfortunate flooding at our Silverlake lakes: Lysander & Lucy's, we are aware that a few fish managed to do a 'great escape' into the surrounding waters, we have no idea how many.

Anyway, we have been given permission to fish, catch & return any fish caught from the surrounding waters back into our lakes.

There are some restrictions & rules with this,  these are:

  1. You can fish with 3 rods as long as you hold a 3 rod EA licence.
  2. DO NOT fish 2 lakes at the same time & only from within our bou ndary (within the 2nd gate), see details below.
  3. Definitely NO SURFACE BAITS, there are lots of birds in the area.
  4. Transfer of any fish is to be by sling or landing net, do not carry a fish.
  5. Please report any fish caught, size & condition by email to:

We are not putting a time period on this but please keep an eye out for an update by email. The only areas permissible are shown on the map attached (between the yellow lines), basically; opposite the Lucy's pool far bank & the furthest corner of Lysander.

Finally.. please take all your litter home, probably sch ool kids poaching, but a bunch of litter was left in peg 1 the other day. If you see any suspicious behaviour, don't hesitate to report it or ask them kindly to leave.

Thank you


Steve, DDAS Sec

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