There's been a Murrda @ Luckfield Lake
16 May 2024

Some ‘bad angler’ killed our Aerator at Luckfield very recently. I’ve just removed 20mtrs of heavy line, a massive weight & shark hook from around the propeller (image attached or view it on the website/FB).
A couple of things that need to be said:
1. Do not cast close to the Aerator, near is ok, but if you don’t have the ability, keep well away.
2. The line removed is like a tow rope, please be sensible on diameter of line or we might need to add a maximum strength rule (must have been big line to kill the aerator).
3. IT IS A BARBED HOOK 🤬🤬🤬 & big enough to land a great white! Be warned…the bailiffs/committee will be checking hooks, mats etc, if caught you will be told to leave immediately & given a 1 & only warning before having your membership withdrawn without refund.
I hate having to write this sort of thing.
Be sensible/careful/mindful & cheerful.
The lake reopens tomorrow morning (Friday) at 7am. Lots of work done while it’s been closed for spawning & remember to sign in ‘on arrival’ at all times & sign out when you leave please.
Rant over.. enjoy!!
Steve, Sec’

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