Suspected poisoning at Harbour Bridge lakes
12 April 2023

Hello members, followers….

It is with much sadness that we need to report a ‘suspected’ deliberate chemical poisoning at Harbour Bridge lakes in Weymouth (specifically Lavender lake) recently.

We say suspected because it has not been proven & as yet, infected fish have not yet been tested (they will be, but need to be alive). So far, over 2000 fish have been found dead or dying (including large carp).
A duck that ate a dead fish yesterday has been discovered dead this morning…very sad!

We, the DDAS committee kindly request that members DO NOT fish these (concession) lakes UFN.
If you do go down there (we can’t stop you) PLEASE ENSURE ALL EQUIPMENT is totally dry before visiting any other water & WASH YOU HANDS!!!
DDAS will do all we can to assist the landlord/fishery owner (Jim) in getting it back up and running again & hopefully catch the ‘suspected’ saboteur.
Please pass this message on.
Thank you
DDAS Club Captain

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