Update on new lakes at Silverlake
1 December 2022

Silverlake – Heath Lake, Lysander Lake & Lucy’s Pool (IMPORTANT NOTICE)

Those of you following the progress of our new lakes on the Silverlake Estate will be aware that it has been beset by delays for various reasons, the major one being the Covid Pandemic. I won’t go into all the other reasons, suffice to say it has not been an easy journey, however we are nearly there. The new lakes, Lysander and Lucy’s Pool, are filling up nicely with the recent heavy rain following this summer’s drought, the pegs are being built and the finishing work being done to the car park and footpath. There are still plenty of other smaller jobs to do, fencing, gates, locks, signage, etc, but if everything goes to plan we should be fishing on the new lakes early next year. 

While some fish have already been stocked in the lakes the majority will come from Heath Lake on the estate. The lake will be electro fished by a professional company and the fish then transported across the estate to the new lakes. Any large Carp will go into Lucy’s Pool and everything else into Lysander. Once we have taken stock of what we have in the lakes we can make decisions on whether further restocking is required.

To enable Heath Lake to be electro fished and maximise the fish caught it will be partially drained first to corral the fish into a smaller area. To enable all this work to be carried out safely Heath Lake will be closed from Monday 5th December 2022, it will not be reopened. Once all the fish have been removed the lake will be returned to the “wetland” that it once was, to the benefit of the local wildlife. The gates will be permanently locked and all the DDAS signage removed. Look out further news on developments on the club website, our Facebook page and in the newsletters. 
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