Angling ‘locally only’ permitted...
7 January 2021

Great to hear that angling is permitted during this lockdown but, there are restrictions.  Please be sensible and 'stick to the rules', these are:

You are permitted to fish locally. That is, as stated on the government website: 'In your village or town' NOT 'district or borough'. Therefore, as a member of DDAS you can fish:

1. At Luckfield lake if you live in Dorchester (no need to book in).

2. At Heath lake if you live in Dorchester.

3. At Potwell if you live in Bridport/Beaminster/Broadwindsor/Misterton/Bradpole.

4. At Sharnhill if you live in Buckland Newton (& other adjacent villages).

5. At Harbour Bridge if you live in Weymouth/Portland.

6. At Wool (river Frome) if you live in Wool/Bovington/E Knighton.

7. At Worgret if you live in Wareham.

8. On the Stour if you live in Hanford/Shillingstone/Child Okeford.

9. At Kingcombe if you live in Toller Percorum (& other adjacent villages).


11. Night Fishing is NOT permitted.

In our opinion, it is safer if you do as the government ask:  STAY AT HOME - PROTECT the NHS - SAVE LIVES

'Live to fish another day (when it's warmer and you might catch something)'

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