Wool Match - Results
27 October 2015

The river was low, pacey, coloured but not dirty (as it was the day before).
13 anglers fished, all caught Grayling, some more than others.
There were 3 fish over 2lb on the bank, the best being 2lb 10oz caught by Club President 'John (Cpl Sh*ite) Smith' from the deep water bend above the old bridge (on the tip, on the insde crease).
The better overall weights came from between the bridges, Tony Heath had a quantity of smaller fish, including Dace to take the weight prize money & Paul Wyatt next to him came 2nd overall.

Nice day... a few grayling, I'm sure it will only get better!!!

Had a report that there was a few 2lb+ landed at Worgret, best i heard was 2lb 7oz but could have been better fish, not sure.

Please be advised that we only have access on the NORTH bank, ie: with the river flowing right to left as you look at it.  Anyone caught fishing the wrong bank, or beyond the boundries stated in the Handbook & on this website could well find themselves banned.

Also, please follow the guidelines stated in the previous news item in reference to to the handling & care of the Grayling.

Thank you.
DDAS Chairman & Committee

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