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16 May 2020

Dear members

Your committee felt the need to write to you again to update you on the current situation we find ourselves in and to bring you news on a couple of our rented/leased waters which have only come to light in recent days.

Firstly, we would like to say thank you for your patience during the planning requirements to open up the society lakes in what was a very short space of time provided by the government. We were hoping that we would have been given at least a week to put the plans in place, but no… 72hrs, but we managed it.  Thank you also to those who have since passed on their thanks for the work put in by the committee to achieve this.

Anyway, it is with much regret to announce that Washingpool Lake in Bridport have decided not to renew our ‘Licence to fish’ from 1st June this year. The owners/partners of the lake stated: ‘We have decided not to renew the licence for the forthcoming year to enable us to control numbers and bookings in relation to the current situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19’. In connection to this decision, I have just received the completed booking sheets for the past 12 months to WP by DDAS members, there were a total of 44 visits. Taking into account the rent we paid last year, this equates to members having paid the equivalent of £13.60 a day, a day ticket at the lakes costs £8. I think they may have done us a favour.

The other unfortunate issue is the members’ use of Harbour Bridge Lakes near Chickerell in Weymouth.  The landowner has very recently informed us that, again, as of 1st June, the lakes will not have a DDAS Licence to Fish Free of charge. This again is due to the current situation we find ourselves in. However, ALL IS NOT LOST: Jim has agreed, commencing on 1st June, members can fish the lakes for just £2 a day upon production of your 2020/21 membership card & one other proof of identification (driving licence, etc).  To prevent possible cross infection of COVID-19, members will be required to park outside of the gates and walk to the lakes, this way, he says: ‘they will not have to touch the lock or gates’. 
Jim asks that you TEXT him (EMAIL OR CALL FOR NUMBER) before setting off, by doing this, he can tell you if there is a peg available that is 15mtrs apart from the next angler.  He will also require you to agree to a set of indemnities on your arrival. ‘Strange times necessitate strict requirements’.

Because of the above, your committee are obliged to offer those persons who have already joined DDAS for the 2020/21 season a FULL REFUND of their membership if they wish to relinquish it.  You just need to return your membership card to the membership secretary at the address stated on the application form on the website.  A cheque totalling the amount you paid will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

We would like to add that even with the loss of these 2 venues for the 2020/21 society year, we do not intend to reduce the cost of membership, a couple of reasons for this:

  1. We think the fees are very reasonable for the amount of lakes/rivers members are able to fish, free of additional charge.
  2. Fees were not increased in 2019.
  3. Looking at stocking a couple of 22lb+ carp in Luckfield later this year.
  4. The rent money saved with the loss of these 2 venues will help pay towards the £2,450 cost of the essential electricity connection at our very own lake in Broadmayne and the quarterly costs for the power that is required for the aerator to be run.

We are hoping that once these unprecedented times are well and truly behind us, we can revert back to normality and hopefully have these fisheries back on our books.

Enjoy your time on the bank, please stick to the rules and government guidelines & we’ll all be fine in the end.
Thank you.

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