PLEASE READ, Important information:
11 May 2020

Dear members

Please see below the strict changes, rules & regulations required for when the DDAS owned, controlled or rented lakes open for pleasure fishing from Wednesday 13th May.

Be aware:  Bailiffs will be in attendance at regular intervals, if anyone is caught breaking these rules or not following the government guidelines associated with them, they will be asked to leave with a warning of a ban the next time they break a rule. We are all in this together, lets make it work, or we’ll be back in lockdown before we know it. 

The requirements at each fishery, until further notice are:

Luckfield Lake: Bookings only, only 6 pegs available to start off (pegs 10 & 8 not available), Open 7.30am – 8pm. No night fishing.  Gates will be tied open all day, no signing in/out required.

To book a session, call David (Hon’ Treasurer) on: 07766 712383 with your membership number. Only 2 sessions per person per week, not on consecutive days and no more than 1 week in advance.  Additional information signs are in place at the entrance gate, please read them carefully.  Parking is restricted due to the electricity supply connection that was not completed before the lockdown. Be careful when reversing out.

Heath Lake: No bookings required, gates will be left tied open, no signing in/out required. Use a pen/pencil to enter the code at the main Silverlake entrance. Additional information signs are in place at the car park, please read them. As the Estate Manager, I will be on site most days so can easily control numbers.

Revels:  Our landlord, Jason Fricker has it firmly in hand. Only opening on Friday 15th May.  Bookings only (50/50 split between day tickets/club members), more detailed information is available on the ‘Revels Fishery & Tackle Shop’ Facebook page.  Strict additional rules & guidelines in place.

To book a session, send a FB message with membership number and name (preferred method) or call Jason on: 01300 345301, but you may not get an answer.

Potwell:  Bookings only – only 10 pegs available (50/50 split between day tickets/club members), Open 7.30am – 8pm. No night fishing, toilet locked, gates tied open. Strict additional rules & regulations in place.  See their Facebook page for more details: ‘Potwell Lake’.

To book a session, call Rachel on: 07919 091508 with your name & membership number.

Washingpool:  Bookings only – only 4 anglers per day.  Night fishing is permitted.  Detailed information available on the ‘Washingpool Farm Fishing Lakes’ Facebook page.

To book a session, call 01308 459549 or email: including your name & membership number.

Sharnhill: Take your chance.  Gates to stay closed (landlord stipulation), members to adhere to guidelines on entry/exit, no signing in/out required. Open 7.30am – 8pm. No night fishing.

Kingcombe: Take your chance.  Gates tied open. No signing in/out required. Same opening times.  Other lakes are open at a reduced day ticket price for members, follow the strict rules if entering the hut.

Harbour Bridge: 

Harbour Bridge:  ‘Open as normal from Wednesday’ was the message from our landlord Jim.  Night fishing available. Gates staying locked, please read and adhere to the guidelines on the sign at the gate, no requirement to sign in/out. Jim will be on site for advice at times throughout the day.

In addition:

Carry your membership card with you at all times.

No guests, friends or family members allowed unless they hold a DDAS membership.

Ensure all your gear is on the peg you are fishing. 

Lock your car.

& most of all… enjoy your time on the bank, who cares if you don’t catch anything!

Remain safe


Steve Sudworth
DDAS Secretary
T: 07816 175579

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