Grayling Fishing Guidlines & Reminders
9 October 2015

The 'glorious 1st November' is nearly here:
Just a couple of things to mention:

1.  The 1st November this year is a 'sunday', therefore, as stated in the DDAS Handbook, the Grayling Shield 'Match' will take place on that day (on the Wool Stretch only).  The section will re-open to pleasure anglers at 4pm.  There are no restrictions at the Worgret stretch on that day.

2.  Please have a read of the 'Guidelines' (attached photo), we MUST look after these ladies as best we can, thank you.

3.  It has been reported that 'anglers' have been caught fishing on the SOUTH bank of the river this month & have been stating to the bailiff that they are 'DDAS Members'.  We can only guess that these 'poachers' are not DDAS members, and are just trying to get away with it & bringing our name into disripute (not happy!)  If anyone comes across anglers on the south bank, please ask if they are DDAS members & if so, tell them that it is only the NORTH bank that we have access to.

Thank you.


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