Thanks from the Chairman....
7 September 2015

In Reference to the recent 'events' at Luckfield, please see below:


Dear Steve
I would like to reinforce the thanks that you have already posted on FB and of course the club website.

I need the members to understand how much time and effort has gone into Luckfield lake in the last 7 days, club and committee members have between them clocked up over 150 hours of their own time to save the stock in this fantastic water. This for me, really sums up what makes me proud to be part of our great club.  Had it not been for their dedication, we could well have been reporting a very different story.
Special thanks also to our neighbours at the Lake who have put up with two petrol pumps running for 12 hours a day!  But especially one of our neighbours; Steve (you know who you are) who has very kindly allowed us to "tap into his electric" without whom non of this could have happened!
Also to Mr Cater our landlord, who very kindly allowed us to install the electric cable, junction, timer and of course, the aerator.
Finally I would like to ask members to report any signs of "fish in distress" on any of the club waters to a member of the committee as early as possible as early action can make the difference between saving or losing our most valuable assit.


Mark Sims
DDAS Chairman


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