Aerator in & Running at Luckfield & temp' rule change
3 September 2015

After a lot of great teamwork, the Aerator that was desperately needed at Luckfield is now in place and running between 1 and 5pm &.1 and 5am UFN. A massive thanks to Ritchie Holmes for doing the electrics, free of charge, and a special thanks to all the other guys who helped out, without them, we could possibly have lost £14k worth of fish. THANK YOU. we should now start to see increased catches and smiling faces.

Because of this problem, it has been decided that:  Boilies are to be used as hookbait ONLY.  Loose feeding of boilies at Luckfield is NOT allowed UFN, a PVA string of NO MORE than 4 boilies is permissable, per hour.

Please bear with us on this, it's for the good of the lake & fish in the long run. Thank you.

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