Dissolved Oxygen crash at Luckfield
30 August 2015

There has been a near catastrophic Dissolved Oxygen crash at Luckfield lake recently. those that have been there recently may have noticed the drop in catch rates and a change in the water colour... and more recently, fish on the surface and in the shallows almost gasping for air, this is the sign that the oxygen levels are low. In our case, on a scale of 1 to 10, we were at 2.2...not good at all. We are running the pumps for as long as possible throughout the day to try an bring the levels up. As a more permanent solution, we will be purchasing an Aerator that will run overnight and for spells during the day until we are on top of things. The lake will remain open, all we ask is that bait is kept to an absolute minimum, DO NOT LOOSE FEED BOILIES, particle only. AND...We are a bit disappointed that members who fished there recently DID NOT report to the committee that fish looked in distress. Please report anything that might not look normal. Thank you.

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