First ever Session at Luckfield…9 Good Carp for George:
23 July 2015

So to start,  it was on the Friday afternoon were I arrived at the lake hoping to fish Friday night, to my surprise, the lakes first match heat of a competition was underway (should have checked the website & Facebook Page). Having got there at dusk there was no option of going anywhere else so we pass on our luck to a kind angler on peg 1 and left him and the others to it.

The next day I arrived at the lake at 2pm primed and prepared for my first proper session. I was expecting to see anglers on the lake upon arrival however to my luck it was just myself which made me feel over the moon as I was able to have a good proper look in each swim without disturbing the fish.

Peg 1 it was, it stood out for me, offering so many possible areas to fish to. The night before I came expecting to fish. However seeing that it only did 2 fish in the competition it was a 50/50 decision with peg 1&3 which did a few more fish. Anyway the IQD rigs were tied up sharply and hook baits attached. I decided to fish areas that other anglers wouldn't be able to get to or fish to, this meant clipping up and precisely inching the lead closer the the mark, 1 rod was fishing at 9 wraps of 12ft and the other at 14 wraps to a group of Lillie's on the other bank. Once the baits were out with foam attached, I waited for my first indication of fish on this new lake for me.

With 2 hours gone it was now 4:35pm , just as I was about to reel in the right hand rod , the bobbin drops to the floor like its been shot. This battle resulted in a 14.8 mirror. Another hour gone and the reel on the left rod melted off the spool making myself jump in the process. This short battle was finished within 10 minutes and the fish went 11.4lbs on the scales.

Just before 5 o'clock hit, the right rod was away again, this resulted in a lovely very similar looking mirror to the second one at 10.11lbs.

After a hefty shopping trip, my dad decided to pay me a short visit at dusk till around 10oclock. Upon arrival my dad was greeted with the job of picture taking for a lovely brace of mid doubles, one zip linear at 13.8lbs and one lovely scaley mirror at 12.6lbs. After returning the fish I was overwhelmed to think back over my accomplishment of the first 5-6 hours on the new lake. The night proceeded with another 3 smaller fish and some poor photography skills at 3am. The fish went 10.6lbs, 11.00lbs and 10,7lbs.

With work the next morning at 11am, the fish couldn't have played ball as perfectly timed as they did, with a first of the new day at 6:40 taken in the middle of the lake was this lovely chunky bronze common at 14.7lbs very shortly followed by a fish off the Lillie's whilst doing pictures with the first fish. This ended up putting a lovely hard fighting scrap running my line all across the lake. To my delight it went into the net and concluded another almost double take. The second fish rested safely in the depth of the margin as the pictures were done with the chunky mirror. After slipping it back I was like a child at Christmas waiting to reveal what could be the biggest of the session. To my surprise it was the biggest of the session. As the fish laid on the mat i couldn’t help but notice that my bait which had passed through the fish and onto my landing matt and net. So the biggest of the session weighing at 15.12 it was not a monster but a good way to start the day and end a great first session on the lake.

The tactic I used was very close and accurate baiting with small amounts. The bait was from ‘Carpparticles’ who offer a very affordable and trustworthy bait, all prepared in rain water to elevate any chemical which can be found in alot of other companies baits. Possibly the edge which helped me land so many fish?

Anyway I can't wait to get back on the lake and see what I can do to tempt the bigger fish. I must say a big well done to all the committee for looking after the lake as much as you do, it really is a wonderful tidy lake and a lovely place to fish and get away from everyday stresses!

George Sheath (new member this year)

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