Luckfield - Watergates Lane Repairs.....
9 June 2015

Members are advised that work on the lane (pot hole filling) leading to Luckfield will commence on thursday this week the 11th June until Tuesday 15th June (but not on saturday & sunday).

Access to the lake will be restriced during this period, you will be able to get by but probably with slight delays.  Please bear with them, it will be to your benefit in the end...MEMBERS ARE REMINDED THAT THE SPEED LIMIT ON THE LANE IS '''10mph''' at all times, the more this is adhered to, the longer the lane will be in good condition.

Members are also asked to be more vigilant than ever when at the lake, there has been a few break ins to property of late....if you hear anything suspicious, especially at night, dont hesitate to call one of the numbers on your membership card.......or....just SHOUT LOUDLY so they know you are in the vicinity!

Thank you.


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