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Suspected KHV Outbreak at Harbour Bridge Lakes
4 August 2022

....Click on the image for more details.

Very, VERY important that you follow the DRY NETS (etc) Rules.  No excuses!

3 August 2022

.. Please remember to ensure ALL your nets, slings, unhooking mats, weigh cradles and cloths/hand towels are COMPLETELY DRY before travelling to ANY water at all times!

KHV, the carp herpes virus is a very deadly disease & can be transferred to other waters on YOUR equipment.  Please don't say; 'I will put them out in the sun when I get there'.... that is NOT permitted, we can assure you that if caught, you will be banned from the society forever!  
If you suspect that someone has failed to do this, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or even approach the suspect yourself and remind them of the rules.

This is the worst time of year for the virus. Please help us keep it out of our beloved waters!!!!

Thank you!



Progress on new lakes…
28 July 2022

Another bit of lake & peg preparation at Silverlake today, Thursday.
Peg 1 (of 35) started. Dead gorse removed from part of Lucy’s Pool.
Larger working parties will be planned soon, let us know if you might be available (it will to your benefit in the long run 😉).

Not yet confirmed but we are hoping to net and move the Heath lake fish to these new lakes before the end of this year, more updates to follow.

New walkway at Luckfield - Open
14 July 2022

No more slipping & sliding between pegs 9 & 10 at our very own Luckfield Lake.
The new bridge is finished and ready to use.
Wide enough for a barrow/trolley, all we ask is that only 1 person uses it at a time, not that we think it isn’t strong enough, it is.. but just to be on the safe side.
Don’t forget to keep your unhooking mat in the shade and wet it heavily before putting a fish on it.
Thank you!

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